Terri Sloane Coaching 
Transitioning into Happiness in Your New Single Life  

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Services & Packages



1. Consultation-intake: Get to know yourself, identify your needs, and learn how to get started.


2. Special Rebranding YOU: What message to you want to send? Or what is it that you want to accomplish? Learn about body language, femininity, and communication styles. 

How to work with Terri Sloane:

1. Terri’s One-On-One Coaching System: 12 sessions to see results. To see YOU and your needs move forward.


2. Terri’s Feminine Empowerment Experience- accompanies you for fashion, beauty, to help you become your most attractive self, inside and out.


3. Terri’s Move Forward Power Package: Accessing your wardrobe, hair, cosmetics; Rebranding the new you via social outings, internet dating coaching, and learning how to develop your own strategic social plan: the 7 Steps Program for Success.


4. Night Out With Terri: Terri will accompany you to a trendy place where you have the opportunity to meet new single people.


5. Phone program: Terri will help you begin a Starting Over Support System, including for a community out of state; virtual 6 people per 1 hr.


6. Triple A Action Plan to date more effectively or be a better dater.


Other programs include:

Emergency Phone Calls

Help with Rebuilding/ Recreating Your New Social Network for Your New Life

Help with Reenergizing Relations With Friends, Couples, and New Dates

A Plan to Move Forward, Be Self Motivated, and Set Goals

Help With Feeling Comfortable with your Newly Single Lifestyle

And Most Important of All… Help with Building Confidence in Yourself!

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