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Transitioning into Happiness in Your New Single Life  

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"I met Terri at a very difficult point in my life. As a single mother of two small boys, entrepreneur and stressed beyond belief it was so vital for me to have someone like Terri to talk to. I wasn't sure how to move forward, if i even wanted to and since I chose so poorly in my first marriage, how on earth was I to choose second time around  - and it not only affect me but my children. Terri has been a huge help to me and I highly recommend her to others. "
Sandra, company owner, August 2012

"Dear Terri, I was one of the women at your recent 'over 40, new to dating' seminar at the Y. I enjoyed the discussion and suggestions. Your ideas, and the enthusiasm you brought to them, gave me the extra impetus I needed to get out there and get started. Thank you!"
- Ellyn, attorney, March 2008

"Terri instinctively sees the good in people and that was the quality she encourages for a happy union. Her dating coaching helped me with my relationship with the man she introduced me to whom I later married."
-Janey, English teacher, February 2012

"I trusted Terri. She has a good sense of who I am and who I would be attracted to. It only took one introduction for her to find my wife."
-Mike, attorney, February 2012

"I wouldn't be married to my husband today if I had not first hired Terri for dating coaching. She helped me deal with issues that were not allowing me to have a committed relationship."
-Pam, producer, December 2011

"Sloane believes her one-on-one, old fashioned style works. I don't do quantity, I do quality. It's really about trying to find meaningful connections. Introductions by TS has evolved to include other services such as dating coaching and image consulting. A number of clients haven't been out in the dating world in years, and they've forgotten how it all works. Sloane's suggestions to clients include not spending the entire night talking about an ex-lover or about you, you, you."
-Long Island Business News, March 2004

"Before I begin to look for a partner, I consider my client's wishes, but also their personalities, values, and lifestyle. I really have an uncanny sense of who would connect with whom-and, indeed, many of my introductions have resulted in serious relationships or marriage."
-MANN Report, October 2003

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